Brand New Cars And Vehicles in Kenya

Brand New Toyota Hilux Revo Kenya

Brand New Cars And Vehicles in Kenya

In the region of East Africa, Kenya has become the focal point of logistic, commercial, and economic activities. All these sectors of Kenya are blooming gradually to boost the country’s competitiveness. Keeping this in view the government is also taking certain steps to aid in different areas especially in the automotive industry. It has made new policies to import new cars from Japan in Kenya which eases the process of import. As earlier, their government has prohibited the import of brand new cars in Kenya since it wants the automobile industry to grow locally. However, if you also want to import brand new vehicles you can contact Car Junction Japan. For the fact, they are quite expert in importing new Japanese car in Kenya.

Why To Import New Cars From Japan To Kenya?

The already present manufacturers of vehicles in Kenya are unable to meet the expectations of the buyers. In addition to this, in the automotive industry the lack of skilled workers. It is another reason for the rise of Japan new cars import in Kenya. On the other hand, the vehicles that manufacture locally are not technologically advanced. The lack of homologation of cars has an impact on the manufacturing of local parts concerning the positioning and quality. However, this led to the entry of the brand new Japanese car into the country. In this way, the import market of Kenya has increased to 70%. Today, we see this East African region has a dependency on brand new Japanese car to fulfil the domestic requirement.

Who Are They Buyers of Brand New Cars in Kenya?

In Kenya, the sales of brand new vehicles have been propelled by the requirement for the authorities of government. In most cases, the buyers of the brand new Japanese car security and law enforcement officials. For the fact, these officials get attracted towards brand new cars which include SUVs and 4WD. For instance, for car enthusiasts, we have various brand new Japanese car in stock. It includes Toyota Hilux double cab, Toyota Harrier, Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, Toyota Rav4. Other than these, we import Nissan Titan, Nissan Versa, Subaru XV, and Subaru Forester.

Import Policy of Brand New Cars in Kenya

The Car Junction wants you to get familiarize with the government policies to import new Japanese car in Kenya. Although, we are quite expert in our business of importing Japanese vehicles. Also, we know the rules and regulations of brand new vehicles in Kenya. Therefore, Car Junction aims to save you from any hurdle during the import procedure.  The import policy of Kenya says that brand new cars should pass road-worthy inspection. Furthermore, the new Japanese car in Kenya should be prepared to take the right-hand drive.

After considering all of the above, we come to know that the automobile industry of Kenya is thought-provoking. As in Kenya, the foreign players have more dominance in the automotive sector. Likewise, the manufacturers of Japan get more opportunities in Kenya and demand over 80% of the automobile industry share. In this way, Japan has become the biggest importer in Kenya. However, the Car Junction becomes the dealer of Japanese cars. We want you to get your desired model of Japanese car without any hassle.


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