Brand New Toyota Corolla Axio NKE165 Hybrid for Sale

The Brand New Toyota Corolla Axio is part of Toyota’s naming tradition of using names derived from the Toyota Crown for sedans. The Corolla has always been exclusive in Japan to Toyota Corolla Store locations, and manufactured in Japan with a twin, called the Toyota Sprinter until 2000. In Japan and much of the world, the hatchback companion since 2006 is called the Toyota Auris. Prior to the Auris, Toyota used the Corolla name on the hatchback bodystyle in various international markets.

Brand New Toyota Corolla Axio Hybrid Brand New Toyota Corolla Axio

Car Junction offer Toyota Corolla Axio NKE165, fitted with 1.5 Hybrid engine, air conditioning, Alloy Wheels, power windows, power steering, anti brake system, central locking and dual air bags and Automatic transmission.

New Toyota Corolla Axio Hybrid Toyota Corolla Axio
New Corolla Axio Hybrid

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Brand New Toyota Corolla Axio for Sale

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