First drive review of LEXUS LX450D

Sports Utility Vehicle with a Sense of Replacement

Lexus LX 450 D 2018 is a brand new version of truly dashing 5-door sports utility vehicle built for a challenging rugged off-road adventure driving journey experience. It provides better fuel-efficiency 9.5 liters / 100 kilometers with less spending on frequent refueling. The talking version of Lexus offers a close comparison with Toyota Land Cruiser Sahara and Lexus LX 570 in terms of design, comfort, and driving performance and truly exhibits a replacement opportunity.

Exterior Design manifests a sleek robust stunning invites the one possessed an aggressive flair and who believe in actionable performance. It provides a smooth and stable flow of driving on rough off-road surfaces and gives a luxury iconic appearance on the road. The vehicle adds more value with glittering shine accessories attachments. This trendy and stylish urban class right-hand SUV features a keen noticeable appeal for customers to go for an instant purchase decision. This muscular sturdy 4WD SUV has a wide market demand in Countries like Russia, Ukraine, New Zealand, South Africa, Azerbaijan, India, and also now currently available in Australia.

Interior Design Cabin provides a highly spacious and comfortable 5 seating leather comfortable accommodation. The seating provides extreme ease of legroom and headrest capacity for passengers as well as well-decorated dashboard cockpit panel equipped with multitude of features such as locking differentials for superb road traction. Some of the added safety features are Lexus Safety System, pre-collision system, pedestrian detection, radar active cruise control system, lane departure warning, adaptive high beam system, blind spot monitoring, rear cross alert, and 10 airbags for an absolute driving safety for customers.┬áMoreover, the rear side cargo compartment offers a vast extensive storage and loading with 3500 kg towing capacity for customers. By means of driving performance, it is a 4×4 dual range SUV fitted with 8 cylinder twin turbo intercooled 4.5 liters of diesel engine fuel and 200 KW of maximum power with 6-speed sports automatic transmission system.


Lexus LX 450D is proudly introduced for the first time with large twin turbo diesel which increases its true means of significance with unbeaten demand among keen driving enthusiasts from all over the world.



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