Toyota Aqua Hatchback Automatic 1.5L Hybrid Y-2019 for Sale

Toyota Aqua Black Automatic 2019

Brand New Toyota Aqua Black Automatic 1.5L Hybrid Model-2019

Toyota Aqua Black Automatic 2019

2019 Toyota Aqua Black Automatic


Toyota Aqua is the Japanese version of Prius C. Compared to the Prius C, it has minor interior and safety differences although both have the same engine and hybrid power. It is the most fuel-efficient vehicle in this type of vehicle category. Toyota Aqua comes in L, S and G grades. Full hybrid mini-hatchback Aqua car having a fuel efficiency range of 26km/l to 37km/l depends on the driving terrain and the velocity you maintain.

2019 Aqua Black Automatic


Aqua G or premium grade vehicles have features of front and rear power shutters, push start, rear wiper, multi-function Steering, and cruise control. Engine 1.5L, Drive type 2WD, Electric continuously variable transmission, steel wheel & resin full cap, Front grill (wear plus decorative plating), Projector type halogen head lamp (with manual leveling function) + front turn lamp, Toyota Safety Sense, Genuine leather-wrapped steering wheel, Tilt steering (with telescopic function), and Smart entry & start system are some other features of this hatchback.

Aesthetically Toyota Aqua is a handsome car. Its aerodynamically built structure helps in fuel efficiency when driving at highway speeds. The vehicle has good interior and luggage space. Being a hybrid car it does not have fan belts, engine belts, or AC belts. These functions are performed by electric motors that do not need to be replaced.

Offer to Sell 2019 Toyota Aqua

Toyota Aqua Black Automatic Steering


Car Junction company offers this Toyota Aqua Hatchback Automatic 1.5L Hybrid Y-2019 for Sale. The right hand drive hybrid hatchback is a grade-6 new conditioned car with 5 doors and 5 passengers seating capacity. The black color Aqua is equipped with standard and additional features like Air Conditioning, Power Steering, Power Window, Power Mirror, Anti-lock Braking System, Central Locking, and Dual AirBags.

Toyota Aqua Black Automatic Interior


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