ZX Toyota Land Cruiser 2020 Model Fully Loaded For Sale

ZX toyota land cruiser

ZX Toyota LandCruiser 2020 Model Fully Loaded For Sale

The current shape of Land Cruiser was introduce by Toyota Japan in mid of 2015 , till today the same shape have been continued. Land Cruiser in Japan is available in GX , AX , AX-G and ZX packages. In this blog we will particularly discuss ZX Package. ZX Land Cruiser 2020 is top of the line package with huge size of  (LxWxH) 2690 x 1640 x 1170.Its a V-type 8 cylinder vehicles which is 8 seats.

ZX toyota land crusiser

Most of the ZX Land Cruiser in japan have body kit installed by the owners after market which makes it more attractive. 20inch Alloy rims size makes the drive hassle free.

land cruiser 2020

Its comes with different interior colors like beige , black and maroon- A number of exterior color options are available on booking. If you talk about ready stock mostly black or pearl white exterior is available.

Land cruiser zx

Here at Car Junction you can get huge variety of 4×4 pickup trucks from Toyota Land Cruiser from old to latest models with fully loaded specs, different colors and all the things that you need in your driving comfort. Stay tuned with us to get your desire 4×4 vehicles at your desire destinations that will surely be managed in timely delivery.


2020 Toyota land cruisers

Toyota land cruisers 2020 seats






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